My obsession with sweets began at a very early age. Being fond of Cakes and Indian desserts are the sweet memories I have of my childhood. By the time I was 7 my mom had taught me to cook some stuff in the kitchen. As years went by I started devoting more time to baking and making cakes for everyone at home - birthdays, anniversaries or just the usual Sunday treat. Unconsciously making desserts and baking cakes became a passion and something which made me really happy and satiated.

With the conventional race of finishing school, getting in a good university and then a well paid job began and I lost track of my passion. There were occasions when I made the effort to create a sweet something but the monotony in my life would always engulf me back. This soon became a thing of the past when I got married and gave myself a chance to try home baking with full force with strong support and encouragement from my husband. After moving two cities, Sweet Art was born in the financial capital of India - Mumbai and I began baking cakes and desserts professionally. This gave me the confidence to start a business that I can grow and have a cake studio one day!

Here I am now, in the land down under with my husband and our cherub making the world sweeter one cake at a time. Sweet Art has moved on to become Sweet Cakeart, providing you all with customised cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked treats. Give me a call at 0415581323 to make your celebrations memorable with personalised cakes/cupcakes or indulge yourself with something sweet while you sip your morning tea.